About Journeyman's Edge, LLC

Since 2006

How it allstarted

My name is Clay Perth.  I am a Journeyman Lineman out of Local 125 in Portland, OR. I come from a family of outside construction linemen. I was indentured as an apprentice in 1991 and topped out in 1996.

Seeing the Need for a Better Toolboard

In the winter of 2006, I was working on the rainy, Oregon coast range. I asked my G.F. to pick up one of those small, yellow, vinyl tool aprons for me. He delivered it to the dryshack after work. Our crew was having a few drinks and our attention grew toward my new $120 purchase. We immediately started pointing out the flaws in design and material. The color made sense and I liked the knife/screwdriver sheath but the remainder of it needed improvement.

I started shopping around, trying to find the perfect toolboard, but found that it did not exist.

All the pouches were unsupported, the materials were flimsy or, in the case of the more expensive toolboards, just poorly designed. It was obvious that a lineman was not consulted or if they were, the manufacturers didn’t pay attention.

Designing & Producing a Better Toolboard

I started looking for the highest quality materials and started designing toolboard prototypes. Hundreds of hours, pouring through catalogs and websites and talking to sail-makers, upholsterers and saddle-makers led me to buying an industrial sewing machine. I found a new appreciation for the men and women who sew these heavy materials.

Proudly Made in the USA in Oregon!

 Providing the highest quality and finest crafted toolboard is personal to me. I use them as do many of my friends and co-workers. I appreciate the compliments. This is why we hire only local industrial sewing contractors and craftsmen to cut, sew, sand and set each component on my toolboards. These are men and women, right here in Oregon, that have proven their abilities to me. They are good, hardworking Americans with families. They earn and deserve a living wage, just like us. If the day comes that I can’t afford to pay them fairly, then I won’t build them anymore. Journeyman’s Edge is going to be a company that my family is proud of.  Overseas sweatshops are not an option ... EVER!

  As a lineman, I know how these toolboards should perform. I enjoyed the hardware setting and such, but my meticulous nature and attention to detail definitely lean toward research and design. Experimenting in my shop, rationalizing stresses and balancing material strengths and applications is something I enjoy. I am proud to offer these to my fellow linemen.

Lineman Designed & Tested Products!


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