Lineman Aerial Bucket Tool Boards


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Original Workhorse


The time-tested Original Workhorse.  A classic since 2006.


XLT Tool Board


The XLT is our top end model. Notice the array of long tools (not included) in the over-lengthend pockets.


XLT Extras


The XLT, same chassis as the Original Workhorse with the addition of the tool Anti-ejection Safety Cover and 5 Ackley Socket Pocket System.


Personal Pouch


The XLT's Personal Pouch contains our 5 Ackley Socket Pocket System plus room for the Safety Cover and more. (XLT model only).


Function & Foldability


Removable HDPE Support Rod to aid in the foldabilty of our XLT and Workhorse Models. Welded Dee Rings hang rubber glove bags, carabiners etc.


Rolled Rim Grommets


Rolled Rim Grommets used throughout all models to prevent fabric cutting and Military Spec stitching for durability.


Added Features


Dowel system for hardware.


Sturdy Gussets


Our Reinforcement Gussets prevent spillage and excessive wear on pouches.


Chainsaw Guard


Chainsaw Guard aids in preventing the chainsaw teeth from trying to chew up your investment.


Drill Bit Holders


Sanded PVC drill bit holders (on XLT and Workhorse models).


XLT Cover


No more picking up hand tools from the bottom of your bucket or highway.


Anti Ejection Tool Cover


Our XLT model with Anti Ejection Tool Cover partially attached. (snapped only) fits easily into bucket truck bin.

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The XLT is our premium model while having the same chassis & features as the Original Workhorse Tool Board, with the addition of an Ackley 5 Socket Pocket System and Anti-Ejection Safety Tool Cover!  $445
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The Original Workhorse tool board is our flagship model.  Developed in 2006, this model has proven to be the longest-lasting Journeyman lineman designed toolboard product of its kind on the market! $395
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Aerial Bucket Lineman Tested

The Workhorse Tool Board is "By far the best tool board on the planet. Now I need more tools to fill it." -- Robert Swiger, Local 77

Top Quality Aerial Lineman Tool Boards

Providing the highest quality and finest crafted toolboard is personal to me. I use them as do many of my friends and co-workers. That's why I only hire local industrial sewing contractors and craftsmen to cut, sew, sand and set each of the components on my lineman tool boards. These men and women, right here in Oregon, have proven their abilities to me. They are good, hardworking Americans with families. They earn and deserve a living wage, just like us. If the day comes that I can’t afford to pay them fairly, then I won’t build them anymore. Journeyman’s Edge is going to be a company that my family is proud of. Overseas sweatshops are not an option to me - EVER!

Best Lineman Tool Boards Out There!

Created by a lineman for linemen! Our tool boards are an investment in your work. Extra stitching and care are taken by adding Cordura and nylon reinforcements and sewing them appropriately to prevent tearing, sagging and wear.


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